Shopping Cart: WooCommerce
Compatible Versions: 2.0.14
Last Updated: February 2014
Download Here

Compatible Versions: 2.6
Last Updated: February 2016
Download Here


POLi Payments provides shopping cart plug-ins to simplify the integration process for merchants who use such open source shopping carts. The POLi implementation team will use reasonable endeavors to assist each merchant in setting up their respective POLi Payments plug in. As all such plug-ins rely on third party software, we do not warrant that they are up to date and fully compatible with the respective shopping cart.

Installation Instructions:

1. Backup your version of WooCommerce, and any extensions.

2. Copy the downloaded directory “poli-payments” into your installation of WooCommerce.

3. If prompted, overwrite any existing files or folders present.

4. Login to your Wordpress admin panel, and navigate to the POLi Payments module in Plugins > Installed Plugins.

5. Click the “install” button.

6. Navigate through to the WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways > POLi Payments section of WooCommerce.

7. In the admin panel, fill out the following fields:
• Merchant Code (this is on your Merchant Account Record attached to your Welcome email)
• Authentication Code (this is on your Merchant Account Record attached to your Welcome email)
• Enable POLi Internet Banking – please ensure you mark this field as “Enabled”

Then click Save.

Please test a transaction by choosing POLi at the checkout of your shop.

Please progress through the transaction using iBank, our fictional test bank.
Use these credentials:

Username: DemoShopper
Password: DemoShopper

Once you are satisfied, please contact implementation@polipayments.com so we can set the service live for you.

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