The POLi QA Process

I want to set POLi live on my site!

OK, so you've implemented POLi into your site and you can only see iBank in the bank list.

The next step is to contact

We like to perform a QA of the implementation before we set any service live.

Please provide us with some opportunity to test a few transactions through iBank. Providing us with a URL and test credentials would be great - along with any instructions.

The main things we test are:

  • The branding of POLi on your site - this goes from the logos used to ensuring that POLi is referred to properly - for further information, please consult our Merchant Style Guide -
  • We check that the user experience is satisfactory and test different scenarios to see how your implementation handles them.

Please also ensure you are happy with the support email/URL and support phone number located in the POLi Console> Entites> Merchant Details Tab. Please also ensure you replace the default POLi logo here with your company logo. It is important to remember that some logos may look better on our UI with a transparent background.

Once we have performed the QA, we let you know our findings.

Once both parties are happy, then we set POLi live for you.


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